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shined upRapsoncostume2 by raps0n
taped upRapsoncostume1 by raps0n

charged upRapsoncostume3 by raps0n

happy halloween everyone!!!
mini interview on Bleeding Cool! stoked!…
super stoked to get a DD for "murloc totem"! thanks so much to :iconalexandrasalas: for the feature!
thanks to everyone who checked out my work, i really appreciate it!!
voting is up at… for redesigning a batman character contest.
check out the entries and vote for your fav!
here's my entry robin by raps0n
mini interview over at massive fantastic, check it out if you got a little time to kill :)

things have been pretty crazy lately, hope to post new stuff soon!!
Support frostman and his troops. :) Giclee prints of "the frostman cometh", my piece from the Mega Man Boss Battle show are available online at Gauntlet Gallery.…
got a tumblr account, gonna post roughs and wips there with my illustrations if you wanna check it out.
anyone know any good tumblr accounts to follow?
whats yours?
Some of my illustrations have broken free of their digital restraints and found a way to run a muck in the physical world!

check them out here!…
Still time to get your "plant life" sketches in to win an original sketch!… out the entries so far!…